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Designed and revisited, each arrangement is the result of a process that may require several days or even months for the most complex pieces. The approach is to organize, write down, determine and test the best key.

The arrangements are designed to preserve the soul of the pieces and the final transcription focuses on respecting the integrity of the original composition.

When it's possible and available, we begin our musical approach by working on the original composition.

All transcriptions are provided in tablature (PDF) format and, 
with the notation in the standard format.

Particular attention has been paid to fingerings, particularly of the left hand. The effects, ornaments and other specificities are the subject of annotations on an annex page.

About me 

Guitarist for over 30 years now, I have crossed styles through Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed, Marcel Dadi and gradually, I swapped my Grestch for a classical guitar. I have a clear preference for JS. Bach, Scarlatti, Barrios, Tarrega, Fernando Sor.


I propose to transcribe major pieces of the greatest composers in a tablature format because I am aware that a large number of guitarist musicians are frustrated by the lack of classical tablatures. 

My first work was a piece by Domenico Scarlatti (L118 - K466). The transcription is faithful to the work played on the piano in F minor. For fingerprint needs, I transcribed the piece in E minor.

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